Cold Front on the Flats

For the last several days our weather pattern has been unsettled. Northeast winds, northwest winds, dropping temperatures, clouds, and gusty winds. As you might imagine, a cold front on the flats is the kiss of death. Yeah, flats fishing went to hell in a hand basket. Damn.

December Redfish

December Redfish

I did get out for five hours on Sunday. We had a low tide around midday. I launched around 8:30AM, but I saw zero “tails” in the last hours of the ebb, or the first hours of the flood.  Not good.

Switching gears, I began blind-casting along the sandbar with an 8-weight rod and a weighted fly. A northwest wind was breaking waves along the bar’s outside edge. Looked fishy enough. Working my way down the surf line I eventually found one lone, cooperative redfish. So it wasn’t a total bust. But I sure would like some calm stable weather.




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