Long Island Bonefishing Lodge

Part One,  The Lodge

My son and I just returned from a 4 day, 5 night, “DIY” bonefishing trip on Long Island in the Bahamas. If you’re unfamiliar with Long Island,  it lies southeast of Great Exuma, some 300 watery miles below Florida. The island calls itself the “Bonefishing Capitol of the World”. It is 80 miles long and 4 miles wide. Roughly halfway down on the west side, Long Island has extensive flats near the settlement of Deadman’s Cay. By any standard the island is remote, unspoiled, and lightly populated.

Cottage at Lodge

Cottage at Lodge

We stayed at the Long Island Bonefishing Lodge in Deadman’s Cay. The lodge is only minutes from the airport and sits facing the flats. Nevin Knowles runs the operation; his sister runs the kitchen. Both were born on the island, and both are fine folks, congenial, and fun to be with. I booked the trip through Judy Hall at Angler Adventures.  She was very helpful. I recommend her to you.

Bedrooms are clean and neat

Bedrooms are clean and neat

Accommodations were excellent. The cottages are neat and clean, with very comfortable beds. A major plus at the end of an 8 hour day on the flats, believe me. The Mitzi flats boats are relatively new, and ready to go.

The Lodge's Dinning Hall

The Lodge’s Dinning Hall

The lodge supplies 3 meals a day – full breakfast, packed lunch, and dinner. The food was wonderful. Dinners included lobster, grouper and conch. Upon returned to the lodge each afternoon, a tray of hot conch fritter magically appeared on the deck. Washed down with a cold Kalik, it was a great end to an angling day. OK, on to part two

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2 Responses to Long Island Bonefishing Lodge

  1. Jim Deady says:

    Really very impressive. Well presented. Great cottage and Bar/ Restaurant.

    • Ed Mitchell says:

      The owner,Nevin Knowles is also a custom home builder, and it shows. Check out the lodge’s ceiling. Its a complex of steps and crown molding, with attention to detail. Nicely done. Along with that skill, he is a gourmet cook with a certificate in baking. Impressive. I liked him immediately. His family name has a long and respected history on the island.

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