Long Island Bonefishing Lodge

Part 2,  “DIY” Bonefishing

This was my first experience with DIY (Do-it-Yourself) bonefishing – also known as “assisted” guiding. I enjoyed it for two reasons. It offers anglers a great deal of independence. You fish at your own pace and how you want. And it is also less expensive than full-guided fishing.

Here’s how DIY, assisted guiding, works at the Long Island Bonefishing Lodge. After breakfast, my son and I would meet the guide at the boat. (Our lunches are in the cooler) Then together we take a short ride – typically 5 minutes- to the first flat of the day.

My Son and the Guide

My Son and the Guide

Upon arrival, the guide offers advice on how to fish the area in question. Next he hands out wallie-talkies, allowing everyone to stay in touch throughout the day. (I put mine in my shorts pocket. My son stuck his inside a fanny pack.) At that point, my son and I would set off seeking bones, while the guide hangs with the boat. Eventually he repositioned himself to the far end of the flat, where we all meet up for lunch.

After lunch, the guide would take us to a different flat, where the process starts over again, our day ending around 4PM. (Yes, 8 solid hours of bonefishing) Hopping aboard, we then head to the lodge for conch fritters and cold beer!

In Part 3, we’ll talk about the flats, the flies and the fishing.

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2 Responses to Long Island Bonefishing Lodge

  1. Jim Deady says:

    Impressive ! All that you need and more. It’s starting to look like a bargain.

    • Ed Mitchell says:

      Hey Jim,
      You’re right,the Long Island Bonefishing Lodge is a bargain. I’m glad Judy Hall suggested it to me. Just compare the Lodge’s prices to those being asked elsewhere in the Bahamas, especially to the north. Wow. You’ll see what I mean.

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