Fly Fishing for Tailing Reds

Fly fishing for tailing reds in Charlotte Harbor is challenging business. Real challenging. As tough a fishery as I have ever seen. First off the reds only tail under perfect conditions. Low water, low light, and low wind. Even then, a single boat buzzing by will spoil things.

Red Tailing in the GRass

Red Tailing in the Grass

OK, lets assume all of it comes together, and bingo, up pops a tail. Now you have to seek up like Tonto, or risk spooking the fish. Once you get in range, you have to make a super accurate cast, and hope the reds don’t spot the fly line in the air. If they do; they’re gone. The fly must land quietly. And even after all that you’ll need a dash of luck. A redfish with its head down in the turtle grass is preoccupied. So preoccupied in fact it may not see your fly gliding by. Believe me it happens fairly often.

Fly for Tailing Reds

Fly for Tailing Reds

Just tied this fly for “tailers”. Hopefully I’ll test it next week. It rides a size 4# Mustad C70SD. In the future I may go to a lighter-weight hook. The tail is orange Craft Fur Select. Two small, red, EP Crab Eyes come next. The body is tan, CCT Body Fur. Up front the fly has mono weed guards, (an absoluteĀ  requirement) and Grizzly Flutter Legs. Colored markers were used on the tail and body. looks like a winner, butĀ  the reds have to vote!

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