Patience on the Flats

I’ll still trying to get used to how different fishing the flats is from fishing the Northeast coast. Perhaps the single biggest difference is patience. Yes, you need patience on the flats. Along the beaches of New England its a game of keeping the fly wet. You’re constantly sticking and moving, sticking and moving. But down here its a game of waiting for opportunities. Holding your fire, until you see the whites of their eyes.

Patience on the Flats - Dave's 45 minute redfish

Patience on the Flats – Dave’s 45 minute redfish

Yesterday, that point was driven home again. My friend Dave send me an email in which he described the latest in his never ending effort to catch redfish. The fishing was slow so Dave positioned himself in a spot on the flats where he felt redfish were apt to show.  And then he waited, waited, and waited. Forty-five minutes later a 32″ red slid into sight. Dave got him. Amazing! Patience on the flats. It pays off.

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