Diablo Deck Review: Part Three

Diablo Deck Review: Part Three Okay, lets move on with the project. In the previous post, I mentioned making a plywood platform for the top of the Rigid Pro Box. Well, here’s how it worked out. From a half sheet of 1/2″ plywood I cut two pieces. One 10.25″ x 22″. And one 14″ x22″. The smaller of the two fits neatly inside the 4 feet on the bottom of the Rigid Box. See photo below. (The red arrows point out the feet I’m referring to.)

Diablo Deck Review: Part Three

This first piece of ply provides a way to better support my weight across the bottom of the box. It also provides a sturdy base to which I can attach the other plywood piece. Could I have simply gone with just the bottom piece of ply? Probably. I think it would work. But that would give me only a 10.25″ wide platform for my size 13 feet. Not that great. Frankly I wanted more room to plant myself. Placing the larger piece of wood on top will give me a full 14″ width. See the photo below.

Diablo Deck Review: Part Three

After properly aligning the two boards, I drilled six 1/4″ holes through both. I plan to use 1/4 x 20 stainless steel bolts in all six. These bolts will eventual secure both pieces of ply to the box itself. Before going any further, however, I decided to bond the two ply pieces together using exterior grade wood glue. The photo below shows the boards being glued.

Diablo Deck: Part Three.

After the glue set up. I trimmed the corners off the top board. They were apt to snag clothing or waders. We don’t need that going on. Then I countersunk the bolt holes and sanded the whole deal. Next came three coats of polyurethane. May do another. Man, its looking pretty good! See below. We’ll be taking her to the water soon!

Getting Close Now!

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