The Solar Eclipse has Arrived

The Solar Eclipse has Arrived: Okay, today is the day. The solar eclipse has arrived. Here in Connecticut were not directly in the path, but we should see some effect, although its very cloudy where I’m at. Its scheduled to begin at 1:25PM, reach maximum at 2:45, and end at 3:59.

Fortunately I have the correct eye wear. Hope you do too. My pair conforms to transmission requirement ISO 12312-2, and were made by American Paper Optics of Bartlett, TN. You’ll see them below.

The Solar Eclipse has Arrived

As you can imagine down through the ages solar eclipses have been the source of many a myth, most predicting doom and gloom.  For ancient people, the sun’s disappearance must have been terrorizing, striking fear in their heart. And they would seek a way of making the light return. For example during a solar eclipse, the Chippewa, one of the largest indigenous tribes of North American, would shoot flaming arrows skyward in hopes of rekindling the sun.

Don’t use these! LOL

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