We Need Small Stripers Too

We Need Small Stripers Too: Yesterday I fished with Mark Kuz. Mark is one of the best salt anglers I know on the Southern New England coast. Fishes smart and fishes hard. We sailed out of Niantic in Mark’s boat, seeing what the tide would bring. It was sure a nice day, but the bite was slow. Typical for this time of year.

We Need Small Stripers Too

Over the years, both Mark and I have caught big bass on a fly, stripers well over 40″.  But on this sunny August morning our largest one was barely two foot. And yours truly got the smallest linesider of the trip. Maybe 10″! Now, that’s a dink folks. Had it been born right here in Connecticut waters? Or had it boogied over from the Hudson River? I can’t tell you. But regardless, I had Mark snap a pix of the young lad. Yes, we all want the big bass, but we need small stripers too. They’re the future.



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3 Responses to We Need Small Stripers Too

  1. Ted Rzepski says:

    A NY state marine biologist said id a striper is under 12 inches it was born nearby.

    • Ed Mitchell says:

      Do stripers reproduce in the Connecticut River? Oh boy here we go. Years back the state of Connecticut and I went round and round on this subject. I had seen bass as small as 8″ in the river. And I believe the biologist that collected data on shad in the river had a 3″ striper in his nets. But the DEP was adamant the striped bass were not spawning in the Connecticut, insisting that any small bass had swam over from the Hudson. Go figure.

  2. Mark Kus says:

    Had a great time Ed the albie season was fantastic this fall!! with fishing from shore and the boat PB had some great days one day had probably over 100 caught there!

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