Finally Back on the Water

Finally Back on the Water:

After many weeks in dry dock, Monday I got my butt back on the water. Left the ramp around 7:30 Am, and paddled out into a sunny, calm morning. Felt good.

When I reached the sandbar I noticed that the water was a bit tannic from all the rain. Sight-fishing would be difficult. But that is to be expected at this time of year. The water temperature was 81 degrees (high tide) and the air temperature the same.

Many snook live where the sandbar meets the island

On my first cast I got a small snook. Not a bad way to begin the morning. And others came to the fly in short order. These guys are pretty much resident fish where the bar connects to the island. The best fishing for them is usually during the early hours of the incoming. Still some where still there at the upper stages of the tide. Saw no spotted sea trout or redfish, however.

As the sun approached the zenith, it bored down like a laser. Honestly it was more than I cared to deal with. I headed back home.

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