A Day on Block Island

A Day on Block Island

Now that I’m back in the Northeast I can visit places I truly miss. And one of them is Block Island. Sitting 10 miles off Point Judith, Rhode Island, this picturesque  chunk of land is pure terminal moraine, born in the dying days of the Late Wisconsin Ice Age. Cliffs, dunes, hills, ponds and beaches out at sea. Little wonder the Nature Conservancy calls it one of the last 10 great places on earth.

Main Street Block Island

Here’s a look at Crescent Beach at the north end of Main

Block Island

I haven’t been here since July 2016. Did a post on sight-fishing in the salt pond back then. This time around no fly-fishing, unfortunately; just sight-seeing. Still it was a great day to be alive. And a great day to park your butt at the Beach House Bar and suck down a beer or two. Couple of cold Narragansetts for me; hey we’re in Rhode Island!

The Beach House Bar


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