False Albacore on a Fly

False Albacore on a Fly

Got a false albacore on a fly yesterday. What a damn thrill. Yeah I’ve caught them before; I landed my first one back in the early 1990’s out at Cape Pogue on Martha’s Vineyard. That puppy arrived on a roaring incoming tide, grabbed the fly and took off like a moon shot, forcing me to run down the beach after it. But it’s been years since I have been back in the Northeast during the fall. So this is my first “albie” in a long time.

This fish has more alias that a top ten criminal. The correct common name is Little tunny, but false albacore is very popular as is plain old “albie”. But hey, call them what you like, they are wicked powerful, pound-for-pound the strongest nearshore fish in the Northeast. No question. They’ll test your knots, your hook, your rod, your drag, and your stamina. Believe me, it’s going to be a war.

Itching to know more about this fascinating fish? Go over to my magazine articles. Scroll down and look for “Amazing Albies”.  It’s a feature article I wrote for Saltwater Fly Fishing magazine. Interested in Atlantic bonito as well?  There is an article on them too. Best of luck on the water.


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