First Day on the Water this Year

Like nearly everyone else, I’ve been doing the stay-at-home routine. Yeah, yeah, bouncing off the damn walls. But the cabin fever was building something fierce, so yesterday I took a shot. Threw my gear in the truck and headed to a beach I figured would be deserted during the week. Had to get out. Had to.

In New England, the best early spring conditions for striped bass are as follows: water temperature 45 degrees or higher, southwest wind, falling barometer, and the threat of rain would be a help too. Honestly, snotty, cloudy weather is a plus.  Yesterday I had the right water temp, but that’s where the good news ended. Wind out of the  northwest, rising barometer, and clear skies. Hence my expectations were not riding high. And good thing. After an hour and a half of casting –  no hits, not runs and even a few errors. Ugh. Oh well it was great to be on the water. Amen brother.

On this particular beach there is a sundial built into the side of a shed. It consists of Roman numerals painted on a south facing sidewall, and a stick that casts a shadow. Does it work? Check out the photo below. I snapped it at 12:56. How’s them apples? Whoever made this knew what they were doing. Tip of the hat.

Here’s one more thought. As I get older climbing in-and-out of stocking foot waders has become more of a hassle. Much of it has to do with reaching down to lace up those boots. Its a pain in the arse. On top of that my Simms waders are cut very tight and that adds to the problem. (see older post) So yesterday I brought along a folding chair. Man it made life a bunch easier.  Going to do this all the time.

PS My day on the water reconfirmed my opinion of this Scott Meridian 7-weight. It’s a great rod. I was alone on the beach. But I just learned the beach will be closed starting on Saturday. Glad I got out!

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