Review: Gamaktsu G Series Fly Boxes

Gamakatsu is well known for their excellent hooks, but recently I came across some nice plastic boxes also offered by them. Since my saltwater fly boxes badly needed to be replaced, I took a chance and ordered two from Bear’s Den.

Made in Japan, they are available in a couple of different sizes and two styles – with slit-foam or adjustable dividers. They appear to be rugged and well made. The latch and hinges seem fine too, although at this point I can’t say how they will do in the long haul. Another issue I’ll be looking out for is whether the plastic lid scratches up badly. Not a fan of that. We’ll see down the road or should I say down the shore.

Now I needed boxes that easily fit into the pockets of my Simms foul weather jacket. Based on that, I picked the model 3200. The dimensions are 8.1″ x 5.7″ x 1.6″ deep. Did I go with the slit- foam or the dividers? Actually I opted to get one of each. The one with dividers retails for $7.75. The foam model is almost double at $13.50. A little surprised by that. Still both are affordable.

As you can see above, my jacket will hold two boxes, although I doubt I’ll ever need both for a day on the water. Now that I have them in hand, I like the adjustable dividers better. It is a more versatile box and cheaper. I made compartments for flies from 7″ on 3/0 hooks, down to size 1 flies. The slit-foam is best suited to smaller flies such as sand eel or crab patterns. And it will made a nice storage box for flat’s flies. Overall I’m pleased with both boxes. Keep Calm and Carry On

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