A Morning Trip to the Beach

Got out this morning. Not at dawn, mind you, but early enough to catch the ebbing tide. The place I picked is a state park. Haven’t been there in a long time, but I know the shoreline fairly well.  In fact eons ago I caught my first striper on a fly here.

A bit inland from the beach, a small salt pond sits, surrounded by a nature area. Pretty spot. The pond winds slowly around the property and then exits to Long Island Sound, forming a good rip on a dropping tide. Here the exiting water runs over a shallow sandy bar that quickly falls away to bluewater. It looks fishy, and is easy wading.

Its the kind of spot you’re apt to find sand eel. In fact the adjoining beach to the west has nesting terns.  And wherever you find nesting terns, sand eels can’t be far away. Terns love them and select their nesting ground accordingly. Well as the day worn on I got a striper. And my new waders didn’t leak a drop. All is well in my little house.

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