Lough Shindilla in the Maumturks

Lough Shindilla

This morning I came across a picture that brought back memories of a spring day roughly 10 years past. Out for a hike in Ireland’s Connemara, I came upon a lake alongside the road. Situated near the Maumturk Mountains, it is was in one of the most picturesque parts of Eire. I treasure my time there.

The day was damp and threatening rain, but the soft diffused light gave the lake a magical quality. Cattails sprung from the clear shallows, while a distant island gave home to windswept trees. They may be Scots pines, once believed to have gone extinct in Ireland. I took my tripod out of my backpack and mounted my camera. With a 28mm lens I composed the picture with the lake at my feet and the mountains touching the sky. Click. The memory was born.

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