Caught a Striper Yesterday!

Caught a Striper Yesterday!

Yes in deed-dee I caught a small striper yesterday. Amazing that. In fact I hooked two, but lost one. Wow. Why on earth would I report catching one small striper? Because, this is an extremely odd fall. Almost zilch out there on the water. Nada, nothing, zero. Yeah yeah, I know, there are few decent reports. There is always a hot spot or two. Still overall it has been very disappointing. Bleak. So frustrating that I’m totally thrilled to land a small schoolie bass. Loved it. Bring them on.

A friend of mine fished Watch Hill yesterday from a boat. Now we all know Watch Hill is an El Primo spot, especially in the fall. Top of the line destination. Mecca. Valhalla. How did they do? He and his fishing buddy got a chub mackerel, a sea robin, and one albie. Ugh.  Dismal, dismal. Lets hope good fishing is coming soon. Got my fingers crossed. Don’t you?


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  1. Ted Rzepski says:

    Ten years ago we took the phenomenal fishing for granted. There are fewer striped bass, bluefish and albacore in the ocean now. Seals? Overfishing? Commercial by catch? Changing chemistry of the water? Climate change? Pollution?
    It is confounding and heartbreaking.

    • Ed Mitchell says:

      Hey Ted, Yeah we did. My best fishing occurred between 1990 and 2002. And then evaporated away. I think the main reasons are manmade. Poor fisheries management, pollution especially in our estuaries and climate change. A wicked trifecta. Yesterday at the Chappaquiddick ferry they reported gusts of 94 mph! OMG

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