No Fall Fishing Yet?

No Fall Fishing Yet?

Yeah there are some fish around, here and there, but the fall run doesn’t seem to be in high gear yet. Today my friend Phil and I hit several spots in Rhode Island. We caught the flood at  Quonochontaug, hoping for albies.  No dice, saw nothing.  Went to Weekapaug next. There were zero anglers on the jetties, very odd indeed. Misquamicut was loaded with surfers. Lotsa waves pounding the beach. No fly fishing possible. So we headed back to Connecticut. Went to Ocean Beach. Fished for awhile, no luck. Then headed over to Pleasure Beach. Nothing going on there either?

On average the first frost in Connecticut is October 11th. And that first frost is what lights the fuse. It forces the bait out of the estuaries and salt pond and onto the coast. Bingo the blitzes begin. Well today is in fact October 11th. It should have been cold this morning. It was in the 60’s. And the day time highs are in the mid 70’s. That’s a problem. The weather is all wrong. Doubt me? Look to the north. Ontario is experiencing August like temperature right now.


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  1. Ted Rzepski says:

    I’ve been patrolling around also with the same results as yours. Bait is still up in the estuaries and salt ponds. When I moved to Connecticut in 1983 old fishermen in Rhode Island told me sometimes the Striped bass migration goes from Marthas Vineyard straight to Montauk skipping Rhode Island.
    The one good thing is the vast amount of baby Menhaden and the possibilities for future years. But now I’m an ild man and may not be around to see improved conditions.

    • Ed Mitchell says:

      Yeah the fall action is very slow, like last year. And the bait isn’t going to leave the backwaters until we have a frost! Yes, Vineyard stripers can skip to Block Island, then Fishers Island and then Montauk. In fact the Block used to be legendary for big bass in November. But I think this only happens if the weather suddenly turns wicked cold. And frankly, at this moment I don’t think there are many bass around the Vineyard? On the other hand, bass to north of us – Maine NH, and the Cape – likely pass along Rhode Island coast when heading home. And historically they make it to about the Connecticut River before turning south to Montauk. But here too, weather and forage is a major factor.

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