The 22LR Firearm is a Great Training Tool

A 22RL Firearm makes a great training tool

Ever go to a public range and notice how many people shoot handguns poorly? Even at a short distance, their target has holes all over the place. And when you look down range, you see holes in the ceiling and the walls. Yeah, there are a lot of lousy shooters out there. It’s an epidemic

Maybe they never received adequate education. Or perhaps they simply forgot what they learned. That happens too. But another common factor is caliber. Why? As soon as they get their pistol permit, many shooters go out and buy a powerful gun. They get a 40SW, or a 45ACP, or a 44Magnum. Wrong place to begin, big mistake. Instead of learning how to shoot, they find themselves constantly fighting recoil. Soon they develop a finch. Their ability to hit the target takes a nosedive. And then they start blaming the gun, or the ammo, or what they had for dinner last night.

If you want to learn how to be a “pistolaro”  you should own a 22LR early in your career. Revolver, semi-auto, take your pick. Bingo, you have no recoil, no blast, and the ammo is cheap, allowing to shoot more often.  Now you are free to concentrate on the shooting fundamentals: grip, sight alignment, sight picture, follow-thru, breath control, trigger control, stance…..Now you’re learning!

“Be a Safe and Responsible Gun Owner”

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2 Responses to The 22LR Firearm is a Great Training Tool

  1. david rufo says:

    Ed how much do the hand gun lessons cost

    • admin says:

      Hi David,
      On the menu bar, under “shooting sports”, there is a link for private instruction. An hour range session cost $100 for one or two students, plus range rental. We typically use Chris’ Indoor Range in Guilford. More details are found on the private instruction page….let me know if you have additional questions…..Nice to have winter gone!


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