Barnstable Harbor on Cape Cod

Captain Jim Ellis / Barnstable Harbor

I fished Barnstable Harbor last week with Captain Jim Ellis. It was a fine day on the water. 

We left the dock at Cobbs Village around 5AM, with good conditions and a running tide. Nice. There were four of us onboard. To the left of the photo is Phil Farnsworth, Captain Ellis is at the helm, and Scott Black to the right.  I’m lying on the floor at the moment, working the camera.

Once we got pass Beach Point Light we could see a mess of striped bass up on top, chewing happily away. A minute later we were in their midst. Swirls, fins, and backs everywhere. Sweet stuff. We were hooked-up pronto, with the baddest bass at around 15 pounds. Sand eel flies did the honors. The action cranked for close to two hours, as the tide drained into Cape Cod Bay.

During the rest of the day, the action was slow, but hell we did so well early on it really didn’t matter.

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