Reeling in Reds, Fly Fishing for Redfish

Right now I’m seeing more snook than anything else. Believe me that’s fine by me, but I’m enjoying other species as well. Spotted Seatrout are eager biters, tend to fight on top, and look a bit like their northern cousin the Weakfish. Mangrove Snapper take a fly, and fight surprisingly well for their size. I run into Jack Crevalles as well; they are eager biters too, and exceedingly tough customers. Hats off to those hardy hombres.

Redfish on the flats

The other customer I see on the flats is the Redfish. Besides being an attractive quarry, they are excellent fighters. Super on a fly rod. They run hard and bore deep like a striped bass. I’m impressed by the Reds. Would love to meet more of them.

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