How to Properly Maintain Your Diablo Adios – Part Two

A good look at the deck of your Adios will reveal an array of hardware. There are 5 handles, 1 forward hatch cover, 2 rear hatch covers, 14 anchor brackets, 4 anchor hooks, 2 adjustable foot pegs and 1 drain plug. On my 2010 Adios that equals some 75 exposed screw heads, and 4 nuts. All of which loosen over time. Believe me. Most require only occasional checking. Some, however, particularly the screws holding the 5 large handles, needed to be checked regularly.

Phillips Head Screwdriver & 7/16 Socket

Phillips Head Screwdriver & 7/16 Socket


A P2 Phillips screwdriver (a P1 & P3 are handy too) and a 7/16 socket


Let’s start with those 5 handles: one on the bow, one aft, one on each side, and one in the cockpit, just aft of the forward hatch. These handles get used often and with some force. As a result they loosen up. And as they do two problems arise. First the handles twist, making them harder to use. Second, if you allow them to get really loose, it’s quite possible you’ll yank one right out of the hull. Bad news.

Each of these handles is secured with 2 large Phillips head screws. A P-2 driver works; a P-3 may work even better. Remove any twist from the handle first, and be sure to straighten the handle’s base before tightening. Hand tighten.

Twisted Handle

Twisted Handle

Anchoring Bracket & Hooks, Drain Plug

These smaller pieces of hardware loosen a little less often. Your P2 screwdriver works here, although on the drain plug flange a P1 may fit better.  Hand tighten. Note: The anchor bracket screw heads can develop a touch of rust. I wipe them with a Q-tip soaked in oil.

Check these Screws for Rust

Check these Screws for Rust

Hatch Covers

These are rarely a problem on my Adios, but you should check them now and then. A P2 is fine, a P1 may work better. Hand tighten.

Foot Pegs

Use the 7/16 socket on these 4 nuts. Hand tighten.

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