Properly Maintaining Your Diablo Adios – Part One

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Take good care of your Diablo Adios

I bought an Adios back in the spring of last year. Since then I have used it in salt water nearly every day. After 8 months, I have some ideas on keeping this hybrid kayak in good working order. Yes, I’m aware that some folks assume kayaks never need care. Wrong,wrong,wrong! Kayaks, especially ones as technically forward as the Adios, need maintenance.  So I’m going to share my thoughts with you in a series of posts. In this one, I’ll discuss the basics – keeping it clean. In the next I’ll examine how to check and tighten the various hardware. Mucho important amigo! Some tools required. And in the last one I’ll tell you how to better secure your Larry Chair to the deck. Later we’ll add do a DIY push  pole and install a skeg.


Washing your Adios is just common sense. Granted if you use yours only in freshwater, the need is reduced a bit. But in the brine, a regular rinse down is required maintenance. How often? I’m in salty Florida waters, so I do it after every outing. Not a big deal. A garden hose and a nozzle make quick work of it. For stubborn dirt on the sides and bottom of the hull, soap and a sponge are useful. Before you begin, be sure all three hatches are closed tight. And after you’re done, drain any water out of the hull.


Now I’m going to take matters one step further. I highly recommend you wax your Adios, top and bottom, at least once a season. Why wax? Obviously it helps protect things. Less apparent is the fact that waxing improves performance. Yes, I said better performance. As soon as I saw the Adios’ high gloss finish I realized it would benefit from a periodic waxing. Don’t expect a big boost mind you. Still waxing the bottom of your Adios definitively allows it to glide easier. Try it; you’ll feel the results. A marine grade boat wax is likely best, but I’m using plain old car wax. Seems to work fine.

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