Securing the Larry Chair to your Diablo Adios

I love the Larry chair. Its cool, comfortable, easy to cast from and makes it easier to stand. Beautiful. Still there is one issue. In factory form it doesn’t lash real tight to the deck. Its always slip sliding around. Backward a bit, forward a bit, up and down. Not good. Equally bad, when you’re climbing out of the Adios to sneak up on tailing reds, the chair can bounce against the deck delivering unwanted noise.

So I’ve been looking for an inexpensive solution; one that was easy to install and easy to remove. Here’s what I came up with. At Wally World I bought an 18×30″ synthetic doormat for $7.95. I cut it 18″x22″, and then took the remaining 8×18″ piece and cut into four 4.5″x8″ pieces. See photo. The four pieces were then Gorilla glued to the corners of the large piece, so as to create a double thickness under the Larry chair’s legs. In this way the mat removes vertical slack, gives the chair a ton of traction, and protects the deck.

Mat cut and Ready to Glue

Mat cut and Ready to Glue

Next I went to the kayak shop and bought 2 short nylon straps with buckles. Cost $4.95 for the pair. These were threaded through the 2 existing anchor brackets directly behind the Larry chair’s position. See Photo.

Mat and Four Anchor Points

Mat and Four Buckles

Now we’re ready to install the chair. Drop the mat in place, put the chair over it. And secure with the existing 2 buckles on the front legs and the 2 new buckles to the chair’s rear rail. Tighten the belts up and the chair is secure against the deck. Loving it.

Larry Chair Strapped In

Larry Chair Strapped In

So far its working great! And the mat stores easily under the front hatch. Total cost $13 plus some glue.  If I come up with something better I’ll let you know.


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