Pompano are Powerful on a Fly Rod

Some species are inherently strong, well out of proportion to their size. Pompano are surely one of them.

Recently I’ve had the good fortune to be catching a few pompano.  Man, for a small fish they can run, pull, dive, and change directions, all in a blink of an eye. Wow, I love these mini permits. On a six-weight fly rod they are a gift from God.

ORL Clouser_20130131_2487 copy

ORL Clouser

Pompano are fairly aggressive and can be enticed by a wide array of flies, but its best to keep them fairly small. I’m using a Clouser in orange with rubber legs.  Lets call it a ORL Clouser. For a six-weight fly rod, I tie the ORL in size 4#, or perhaps a 2#. For an eight-weight fly rod, I’ll go up to a size 1#.


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