Installing a Scotty Flush Mount on your Diablo Adios: Part 1

Scotty Flush Mounts are very popular with kayakers. They employ them to attach rod holders and other devices, including electronics. These mounts are inexpensive, and provide a fast, convenient anchor point. Furthermore they allow you to swivel objects 360 degrees to meet your specific needs. Nice.

Scotty Flush Mount_20131128_2726

I put a Scotty Flush mount on the gunnel

Installing one is not rocket science, but it pays to think things through. First you have to decide exactly where the mount belongs. ( Part 3 mentions places to avoid)  As you can see in this photograph, I installed one in the gunnel, near the foot pegs. I use it to anchor a Scotty Fly Rod Holder attached to an extension arm. This places the rod roughly 18 ” above the cockpit floor, making it convenient to reach either while seated or standing. Later I’ll show how this looks.

My mount is on the left side since I’m a lefty, and far enough forward that when in use it does not hinder with entering or exiting the kayak. Also note that there is enough room on the far side of the mount for a paddle shaft to pass by.

Below, you’ll see the tools I used to install this mount. They included a 3/8″ drill with drill bits, including an 1 3/8″ hole saw. A rivet tool, with rivets. Painter’s tape. A measuring tape, and a pencil.

The rivets are 3/16″.  Note that the body of the rivet (thick diameter portion) must be long enough to sandwich the mount and the deck. My rivets have a body length of 1″. Anything less than 3/4″ is probably cutting it close.

The Tools Needed

The Tools Needed to install a Scotty Flush Mount

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