Installing a Scotty Flush Mount on your Adios: Part 3

The rest is pretty easy. Pull up the tape. Apply a base of chalk if you like; I don’t. Insert the mount, but before you rivet it down, note the “Inboard” arrow on the top side of the mount. It is usually best to heed that arrow. Why?  This arrow points to the direction from which devices must enter and exit the mount. Having the arrow face inboard makes things a tad easier and perhaps safer. You decide.

Scotty Fly Rod Holder_20131203_2733 copy

Rod Holder & Extension Arm in a Scotty Flush Mount













For the record, let me state a few final things that should be obvious. Only pick locations where the mount can sit perfectly flat to the deck. You need at least a 1 3/4″ void under the deck to accomodate the mount. And lastly, avoid any position where you might harm the structural integrity of the boat. For instance, I would not install one in the cockpit areas, or close to any of the four large handles on the deck. Enjoy your Scotty Flush Mount!


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