Snook Shangri-La?

There is a spot near me that I jokingly refer to as snook Shangri-La. I have fun memories of this place. It is a small island, with a pile of dead wood sitting off one end. Nice structure. Sweetening the mix, the spot has a touch of current, mangroves and deepwater near.

Snook Shangri-La

Snook Shangri-La

Around dawn this morning, I checked snook Shangri-La.  Its early in the season for this place, but I was itching to give it a shot. The island was shrouded in the fog. Spooky, quiet. I stepped out of the kayak, crossed a small beach, and waded into position.  One cast, two casts, and then more. No dice. But I know in my heart the snook with soon come.




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