Fishing the Flats: Two Basic Strategies

When fishing the flats, there are two basic angling strategies; and they are the same two you use anywhere. You move around -wetting a line in a number of places – hoping to find the fish. Or you head to proven spot -one that often holds fish- and stick it out until they arrive. Obviously, in both cases you still have to judge the wind and the tide.

Which way is better? Neither strategy is superior to the other. Some days you’re better off searching around; some days you’re better off staying put. But there is one thing I’m sure is true. If on a given day one strategy isn’t working, give the other a chance.

redfish_20140311_2803 crop copy

Yesterday’s Redfish being Released

On the flats, I call these two strategies “pole” or “post”. Either I “pole” the kayak around hunting for action, or I “post”myself in a good location and see whats up. Yesterday I spent the majority of the day “poling”. Came up empty handed. So I switched gears and “posted” myself in a known hot spot. In short order I hooked 4 fish. That’s the nature of angling; its always a challenge.

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