Review: Fish Pond’s Rio Grande Wader Belt

Review: Fish Pond’s Rio Grande Wader Belt  

Fish Pond’s Rio Grande Wader Belt

Part One: Recently I was in the market for a wader belt. While searching cyber, I noticed that Fish Pond had a new product called their “Rio Grande Wader Belt”. Seemed nicely made, but the $49.95 price tag had me moving on. Ouch. After all, I knew I could get a wader belt for 1/2 that cost.

A day or two later, however, I went back and looked at the “Rio Grande Wader Belt” again.  That’s when it dawned on me this thing was both a wader belt and a utility belt. For example you might also use it to hike or canoe. Ummmm. Got me thinking, it did. Could I put all those “D” rings to good use? Maybe?

Certainly my Boga Grip could occupy one. A water bottle could hang off another. My pliers might too. Then something else came to mind. Most days I pole my “Adios” SUP-SOT down the flats, stake it and then wade off, sometimes 150 yards or more. Which means sooner or later I have to wade back. What if I attached a rope to the bow of the “Adios ” and clipped the other end to one of those “D” rings? Cool! The “Adios” would follow me silently along carrying my camera gear, food, water, and spare tackle. Digging it.

In my experience, Fish Pond products are excellent. I’ve owned some for over ten years – including a carry-on and a lumbar pack that I’m very fond off. Their gear is useful, rugged, well-designed, and shows attention to detail. With all that in mind I bought the belt.

Lets start this review with a basic description. And in the next post we’ll examine more about how to put this puppy to use. The belt is well padded, and comfortable. It weights 9.25 ounces, and is adjustable from 32″ to 55″  (That should cover most everyone.) At it’s widest point, it is 4.25″. Breathable fabric lines the interior side. I see no metal whatsoever, which means its “salt” safe. There are a total of 6 “D” rings. ( 3 per side, see red arrows in the photo) Fish Pond’s Jacquard accent webbing ( Found on many of their products) runs the length down the belt’s middle. The plastic buckle is large, easy to operate, and snaps closed with a loud audible click. And over-all construction seems very solid. Okay, time for the next post.


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