Dry Flies can be a Problem

Dry Flies can be a Problem: Dry flies are a super part of our sport. Not one can deny that. But if you love dry flies too much, dry flies can be a problem.

I was on the river early this morning, working a team of nymphs through some promising water. Things were slow. Which was a bit surprising given the day before this spot had been red hot. But we all have experienced that stuff. Different days often supply different fishing.

Downstream from me a guy was working a dry fly. Awhile later he strolled off to explore new waters. I fished on. After an hour, he reappeared and struck up a conversation. It went like this.

Dry Flies can be a Problem

“Anything doing,” he inquired?

“Got one,” I replied.

“Been here six times this season already and have yet to catch a single fish!” he exclaimed with disgust.

“Did Okay here yesterday,” I added. “There’s fish here believe me.”

“Catch’em on nymphs,” he asked?

“Yeah, its the best method on this river.”

“I don’t fish nymphs,” he shot back. “a fish on a dry is more fun that a fish on a nymph. Don’t you agree?”

“Yeah…but a fish on nymph is more fun than no fish on a dry,” I answered.

“Maybe,” he said looking off.

Then asked me if I fished here often. I said no, adding I was just up from Florida for the summer. Next he wanted to know if I fly-fished the salt in Florida. Yes, I told him, inquiring if he fished in the salt too. His answer was no. I kind of figured that, but dug deeper.

“Why not,” I asked?

“Those saltwater flies aren’t really flies….their lures,” he informed me.

“Your Adams dry is a lure too, ” I told him.

At that he shrugged his shoulders and slowly walked off to his car. I guess I hadn’t made my point. Man oh man, dry flies can be a problem. Amigo, the bitter war between Halford and Skues lives on even today.




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2 Responses to Dry Flies can be a Problem

  1. Ted Rzepski says:

    Opinions are only a problem when we bore ass others with them. Remember when fly tiers who used epoxy were considered pariahs? I guess fly fishing has its own Taliban. Let’s hope they don’t organize and have sweeps on rivers to purge and punish impure fly fishers.
    Ted Rzepski

    • Ed Mitchell says:

      Amen,Ted. Some anglers get very closed minded. Its as bad as politics, for Pete’s sake. I knew a fly tyer that steadfastly refused to use any synthetic materials; everything had to be 100 % natural. Only fur and feathers were permissible. No tinsel, no flashabou, no copper wire, nothing man-made allowed. Yet the biggest part of all his flies was a metal hook!

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