Will the Redfish Return?

Will the Redfish Return?    Well that has been the big question around here. Will them red dogs return and if so when?

Yesterday I got some good new. Dave, the fish whisper, found a couple of reds on our locale flat! Wow that is great news. Its been a famine out there the entire winter. Now a fish biologist told me if our flats were experiencing a problem with dissolved oxygen, it might turn around in a few weeks. Is that what happened? Can’t be sure.

Pale Redfish

Here is a picture of the first red Dave caught. It is far and away the palest redfish I have ever seen. Truthfully, it looks like a floating corpse. And that flank. It’s as bright as a damn tarpon. Given that reds take on the color of their surroundings, this red hasn’t been in the dark back country waters hiding under the mangroves or living on the flat over turtle grass beds. Hell it looks like Casper the friendly ghost.  I’ll wager it has been living over a pure sand bottom for quite a long time, and I’ll even go a bit farther and guess it has been residing well off the beach too, perhaps out in the Gulf of Mexico.

Got my fingers crossed this a positive sign and better days are coming!




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