The Red Tide has Eased off a Bit

The Red Tide has Eased off a Bit: 

28 Inch “Tailer”

Hurricane Michael pushed a fair amount of red tide north into the panhandle. Bad news for them; good news for us. But a shift in the wind could easily change things in a manner of days. So I have my fingers crossed Charlotte Harbor and its surrounding open waters can remain  free of red tide. We really need a break. The red tide has been in Southwest Florida since November of 2017

A few nights back I caught a boat ride with my friend Dave. We saw a fair number of reds following rays across the flat. Thanks to Dave I got one as seen above. It’s about an 8 pound red. Which on a six-weight fly rod put up quite a show.

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  1. Ted Rzepski says:

    Good for you. Getting it done!

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