The Fishery is Closed!

The Fishery is Closed!

Well I haven’t posted in a while. If you have been watching the national news you may know why. The Gulf coast of Florida, from Sarasota to Naples, is facing a heart breaking natural disaster. And get this: its a double barrel assault.

Red tide moved inshore back in November and has steadfastly refused to give up!  Incredible my friend. Red tide would normally be a problem for a few weeks. It has now been here almost a year. To that menace we also have toxic blue-green algae flowing down the Caloosahatchee River from Lake Okeechobee. That slimy poisonous mess exits out near Sanibel Island where in just two weeks time over 300 tons of dead sea life washed up on the beach.  Disgust,  a real crime.

Right now its breeding time for both snook and reds, so the fishery for both has been closed until further notice.

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