Heading Back North

Heading back North:

I’ve decided to end my time in sunny Florida. There are a lot of reasons mixed in here; I’ll go into some of them in a bit. But the bottom line is this: I sold my condo and I’m loading a Pod. The closing date is fast approaching.

Heading Back North

Unfortunately there is no perfect place on earth. Get used to it. No matter how wonderful spots may look from a distance, they all have pros and cons. Florida has its winter warmth, year-round diverse fishery, beautiful beaches, Tiki bars, and a laid back, Jimmy Buffett, what-me -worry lifestyle. And it’s dirt cheap to live here too. Really.

On the other hand the summers are an inferno,  a combination of relentless high temperature, record humidity, intense daily thunderstorms, loads of lightning and torrential rains. Did I mention hurricane and flesh-eating bacteria? And there is a more recent issue that is very troubling, widespread red tide and blue-green algae along the Gulf coast. How long will it take to fix that freaking mess? God only knows.

Now I know what you’re thinking. Connecticut has its pros and cons too, right? Right you are; they should call it Connect-a-tax instead.  Still I’m done with Florida.



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  1. Ted Rzepski says:

    Attended a seminar tonight on Connecticut geology. Evidence indicates the gneiss in Salem were once part of North Africa’s Atlas mountains. The Bronson hills on the east side of the Connecticut river were once volcanic islands with remnants of coral reefs. The basalt in central Ct were from an asteroid impact in Quebec.
    Our state is mongrel of varied origins. More than capable of taking in a former native who found Florida not what was hoped for. You have a tribe of friends to welcome you home.

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