Worms Sold Here

Worms Sold Here

Worms sold Here

I’m located in a small New England town; just the kind of place I really love. Church bells ring on Sunday morn. A steam train calls in the distance. Out on the town green, folks are pitching horseshoes. And get this, the hardware store sells worms and nightcrawlers. Amen brother.

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  1. Bill G says:

    Hi Ed…

    Just stumbled across your blog of writings about fly fishing, shooting, photography and other topics of interest! What a fantastic assortment! Sadly, I attempt all (and many more pursuits) and a master at none.

    I’m a 7th generation Floridian and that will not even buy me a cup of coffee in the cow town I was born, Kissimmee! It was a great cow town and place to live until a mouse moved in!

    I now live north of Charleston, along the coast. Days are filled with chasing redfish and summer tarpon with my fly rod.

    Being from FLA, I was always told snow was something you visit, not live in! I can survive in heat and humidity with the shade of an old Live Oak. Odds of survival are even better if there’s a cooler of cold locally brewed beer under the old oak! Not so sure my flip flops, shorts and t shirt would be sufficient in CT in January! I don’t think wearing all the clothes I own would keep me warm during a CT winter!

    I used to fish from Sanibel north to Long Boat Key with my father and grandfather in the late 50s and 60s. Only small, family owned/operated motels along the Sarasota beaches back then. The condo cancer was nowhere to be seen along the Gulf coast during the days of my youth.

    In so far as the water quality issues you alluded too, I think nearly all can be traced to 2 events. First, the plan to drain the Everglades. And second, unabated development along barrier islands.

    Here’s a great video, you’ve probably viewed, produced by Costa Sunglasses and narrated by Flip Pallot describing the reason why S. FLA water quality has declined and the region is now facing the very problematic issues.


    Good to read you’re safely in CT. If your toes get a bit frosty in the winter, take a look at the SC coast. Avoid Myrtle Beach and Hilton Head. Most locales in between are full of Low Country fishing adventures without the crowds.

    • Ed Mitchell says:

      Hey Bill,

      Thanks for the kind words and the Youtube link. Well, I spent the majority of my years in Connecticut and know those winters well.
      Some were not bad and others had me shoveling snow off the roof of my house. But I’m not well suited to Florida summers. And I adore autumn in New England.
      Best wishes to you in all your angling adventures.


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