A Trip for Landlocked Salmon

A Trip for Landlocked Salmon

I just got back from a trip up north for landlocked salmon. My last trip was in 2017. Back two years ago, the river was very low. And as a consequence there were less fish than we hoped for. Still we caught a reasonable enough fish to make the trip fun.

High Water

This year, however,  things were quite different. The dam releases were much, much higher and that brought hope that the river would be filled to the brim with landlocked salmon.  Unfortunately it didn’t work out that way.  For one thing the high water reduced the number of places anglers could get in. That meant crowds in the remaining spots. Second the salmon were not stacked up in the usual holding areas. In fact we saw fewer salmon than we had in 2017.  Yes we were able to get a few, but everyone struggled.

Female Landlocked Salmon

Fishing for migratory species, whether they be in fresh or salt, always poses a risk. Unlike  a Trout Management Area where the trout are always at home, migratory species come and go for reasons you can’t control.  Yes, water levels and weather play a significant role. Its just part of the angling adventure. So lean back and enjoy the trip with your friends in spite of  what nature hands you. Next year is coming.


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  1. Ted Rzepski says:

    Fishing for Land locked Salmon at Grand Lake Stream in Maine should be on everyone’s wish list. One year the water was very low. I befriended a Maine fishing guide, on his day off, using dry flies to hook Salmon in small pools.
    Part of the experience is the remoteness of the area.

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