Tailing Reds in the Twilight

Its the rainy season along the Florida Gulf Coast, but it has been wetter than usual from what I hear and more rain coming. Typically the rain starts around 2:30 pm and tapers off by 5pm. But right now the rain can be all day long. Soggy times.

Tailing Reds in the Twilight

That hasn’t stopped Dave from looking for “tailing” reds. Yeah he has been on the water between the raindrops.¬† As you can see he is working the twilight shift and its paying off. When warm weather settles in on this coast, rain can actually improve the fishing by lowering the water temperature. Its only a small change but its enough to pick up the fishing. Go Dave!

Notice how different these two fish are? The bottom red has been living in stained water likely  back in the mangroves. The top fish has been living in clear water over sandy bottoms. Yup, reds can quickly change color to suit their habitat.

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