Getting Ready for Trout

Getting Ready for Trout

Well its finally time to get ready for trout. Yes I know, some anglers here in the Northeast fish right through the whole winter. God bless them. I did a bit once upon a time, but frankly lost interest. For this angler its the approach of spring when the fishing begins in earnest.

Yesterday I started digging out the gear. Typically the trout are deep at this time of year. Hence nymphs are the right medicine. So the first thing I did was open the fly boxes and look at my nymph selection. In years past, I fished them on an indicator rig, but I have a nice  10 foot 4 weight someplace ready for Euro nymphing. It is a very effective angling method. I’ve a little experience under my belt. This season I want to improve my Euro skills. No that doesn’t mean I’ll totally be giving up indicators. In some situations they are still the best way to present a nymph.

No doubt I’ll need to build a new Euro style leader or two. And I may tie some more “anchor” flies. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, an “anchor” fly is the heaviest one on your leader, the fly that keeps the rig deep.  Most often it is the point fly, although there are occasions  when it is best as the dropper. This is particularly true in very shallow stretches of the stream.

This time around I want to try making them on jig hooks.  It has become very popular. So popular in fact its hard to find quality jig fly hooks. Believe me some brands are out of stock everywhere.  Still I found a few. Probably make them into green caddis pupae. Its a safe bet, as my streams are loaded with green caddis.

Getting Ready for the Season

Need to stretch and clean some fly lines. Clean and oil the reel. Check all the gear. Find my tippet spools, nipper, forceps, hook sharpener. Straighten out the fly boxes. Look over the wader situation.  And oh yeah, get a license.

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