Rescuing a 1987 17′ Aquasport

My son has been jonesing to find a project boat. Something he could get for a song and rebuild. He had a line on three previous boats, but all three deals fell through. Oh well. That’s when my friend Phil mentioned a boat he has seen sitting in a yard for years. It was just down the road from his house. We had to take a look.

Well, this time the deal got done! It is a 1987 17′ Aquasport last registered about 10 years ago. Likely it has been parked uncovered and out in the elements ever since. Yeah time has taken a toll. The hull is full of leaves, rain water, and mold. Yes, the deck is spongy. So the stringers are shot. Inevitable. And the transom is lumpy and bulged. Obvious wet inside. Both will have to be taken out and replaced. But my son is ready and capable of doing it.

Thankfully the trailer was in decent shape. So we aired up the tires and drove the boat a mile to Phil’s house to do some emergency work. The trailer needed temporary lights installed and rewiring. Leaves and junk had to be removed. We had to get a taller tongue for the truck’s hitch. And at some point in the past the winch strap had snapped and been knotted. We secured that with a racket strap. A trip to the hardware store and an hour’s work got those things done. Then we were ready for a half-hour tow to my son’s home. Mission accomplished. Thanks Phil!

to his own

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