The Partridge “Carrie Stevens” Hook Size 2 for Sale

The Partridge “Carrie Stevens” Hook Size 2 for Sale

Get a kick out of those Mustad size 32, gold plated hooks? Crazy stuff. Best I know, they’re the smallest freshwater hook ever made. Well, this time around my fly tying box coughed up something at opposite end of the scale. A Partridge “Carrie Stevens” size 2 streamer hook.

Box of Partridge Carrie Stevens Hook in Size 2

No longer in production, this hook is now something of a collectible. And it is still much sought after by serious exhibition tiers desiring to make trolling flies in the fashion that legendary Carrie Stevens (1882-1970) did long ago on Maine’s Rangeley Lakes. Stevens lived near Upper Dam which separates Mooselookmeguntic Lake from Upper Richardson Lake. There she became world famous for her flies. In case you are unaware, Carrie Stevens is the creator of the Grey Ghost, among several other streamers patterns.

Partridge Carrie Stevens Hook in Size 2

The hook is handmade in England by Partridge of Redditch. It is on heavy wire and the shank is 10x long! Why such great shank length? Stevens wanted a long trolling fly, but she did not want the wing to extend far beyond the bend. Landlock salmon are notorious for short-strikes. By extending the bend all the way back to the end of the wing, it reduced that problem. Trolling flies tied on more conventional length hooks frequently carry a stinger hook for the same reason!

Partridge Carrie Stevens hook in Size 2

This is a beautiful hook on heavy wire. It has a down-turned looped eye. (Such as you find on a Mustad 9575). Personally I find a looped eye makes tying in material at the head easier. It also has a Limerick bend, the strongest kind and very desirable for large fish. The hook is barbed. The finish is bronze and the hooks came wrapped in a special paper to prevent rust. All is top notch.

Partridge Carrie Stevens hook with looped eye

Partridge Carrie Stevens hook in size 2

If you are interested in owning this box of hooks, or those Mustad 277 size 32 hooks, please contact me. Sold by the box only.

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8 Responses to The Partridge “Carrie Stevens” Hook Size 2 for Sale

  1. Jay says:

    Is it still available Ed?

    • Ed Mitchell says:

      Hey Jay,
      Dozens of people looking, but the hooks are still available. Asking $200 for the box, shipping included.
      Let me know if you’re interested.

      • Jay says:

        I recently got interested in tying the Maine style streamers.
        Haven’t checked the required materials yet. Or even the type & size of the hooks.

        • Ed Mitchell says:

          These are expensive hooks specially designed for tying the wonderful trolling streamers Carrie created. So unless you going take on that art form, which is quite challenging, let me suggest something cheaper. The good old Mustad 9575. It is strong, sturdy and an all around fine streamer hook, with a looped eye and a limerick bend. In the size department, fly for trolling can be made on hooks as large as size 2#. Flies intended to be cast, of necessity must be smaller. Size 8#, 10# and 12# for example. I will not comment on materials other than to say exhibition grade tiers are extremely fuzzy about what dresses the hook. Lastly I highly recommend you look for “Trolling Flies for Trout and Salmon”, by Steward and Leeman. It may be difficult to find, but it will undoubtedly help you on your journey. I also recommend Joseph Bate’s very comprehensive book “Streamers and Bucktails, the Big Fish Flies”. On page 72, he examines how Stevens constructed her flies.

  2. Richard Waltz Jr. says:

    interested in size 2 and 4 10x carrie Stevens partridge hooks

  3. richard a rishell jr says:

    Hi Ed.
    Do you still have the Carrie Stevens streamer hooks or did you finally sell them? If you still have them, what sizes and how much per 100?
    Thank you.

    • Ed Mitchell says:

      Greetings Richard,
      Hope your Thanksgiving went well. Yes, I still have them beauties. A box of 100, might be missing one or two. Hard to figure out a price since there are long out of long out of production. How about $600 for the box?


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