Mustad 277 Size 32 Gold Plated Hooks

Mustad 277 Size 32 Gold Plated Hooks

I’ve been doing a bit of tying lately and that’s got me digging through my supplies. Well yesterday during one of these episodes, I came across something interesting. Something I thought you might like to see. Its a box of Mustad 277, gold plated,  size 32, hooks!

Mustad 277 size 32 gold plated hooks

What on earth was I doing with size 32 hooks?  Excellent question. Years ago I used to fish the upper Housatonic River in West Cornwall, Connecticut. Winding between the highlands, the river follows what geologists call the limestone valley. That kiss of limestone ensures these waters are rich with life. Overall, it’s a place of rolling hills, thick forests, and small communities. Yes, an old covered bridge too.

In the fall there is a big Pseudocloeon hatch. At least that is what we called them years ago. They are tiny BWOs that cover the river making for some very tactical fishing. Flies from size 20 on down fit the bill. Frustration during these hatches got me looking to go even smaller. So I searched for and found tiny hooks including these crazy things.

Four size 32 hooks on a dime

Now I bet you’re wonder just how small a size 32 is. Above you’ll see four on them on a dime. If you can find them. Lord almighty they’re tiny! Below is another shot that might help you more. The top hook is a size 16 Tiemco 2487. The middle hook is the same hook in size 24. And the bottom hook is the infamous 32. (Care to own these little critters? I’ll sell them to you. Drop me a line.)     The hooks sold!

Three hooks a 16#, a 24#, and a 32#

Honestly I never used them. Why? These 32 hooks do not have a conventional eye that you could thread a tippet too. It is just a flattened disc at the end of the shank. And even if they did have an eye, back then there was no tippet fine enough to accomplish the task. (Maybe there is today) All you could have done was snelled the hook. Oh well, I’ve pulled them out at group fly tying demos and got some wide-eyes and great laughs.

The Hooks are Sold!


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6 Responses to Mustad 277 Size 32 Gold Plated Hooks

  1. Andrew Treat says:

    Are they still for sale?

  2. Richard E. Perry says:

    any left? very interested

  3. Dakota says:

    Hey I’m interested in the hooks for some small flies.

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