Clear Skies, Clear Water – A Day on the River

Clear Skies, Clear Water – A Day on the River

Met my friend Phil on the river yesterday. Great weather, high 70’s, and plenty of sun. Clear skies, clear water – and beacoup trout. All you could ask for.

Clear Skies, Clear Water – A Day on the River

Well as soon as we got there, we ran into anglers bragging about the excellent fishing. With that kind of news, we wasted no time getting rigged up and donning waders.  Game on dude. I had my Diamondglass 8 foot, 4wt along for the trip.  And Phil showed up with a vintage Vince Cummins “glass” rod. Nice unit.

Phil using his Vince Cummings ‘Glass” rod

My Diamondglass  8foot, 4wt Rod

Phil also brought a Coleman Stove, table and chairs. So we were all set for a lunch streamside. How cool is that? On a cast iron skillet he cooked up onions, dogs and burgers with all the trimmings. And yes, we washed it down with ice cold beer. Ahh a day on the river, you can’t beat it. Life is good.

Lunch on the River

After lunch we went right back to fishing. It was a blast. By the way, during the morning we saw some “sulphurs” coming off. Probably not a true “sulphur”‘; they’re more of a June hatch. Its likely what we saw was Vitreus. But for all purposes, they’re nearly identical to a “sulphur”. No trout rising unfortunately. Hey maybe dry fly action next time.

Sulphur Dun

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3 Responses to Clear Skies, Clear Water – A Day on the River

  1. Jay says:

    Nice outing Ed!
    I’ve yet to taste the river. Havent fished since July 2019!

    • Ed Mitchell says:

      What’s keeping you off the water?

      • Jay says:

        Basically Covid.
        Since I do all of my fishing abroad, the restrictions on traveling means I can’t cross the border (for instance Dutch-German) without getting in to a quarantine period (like a week?). During 2020 it was pretty much impossible to travel abroad.Well things are looking better so hopefully by summer. And I got the vaccin last week so that makes it a lot more reassuring

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