Euro-Nymphing with a Crappie Pole?

Euro-Nymphing with a Crappie Pole?

Euro-Nymphing with a Crappie Pole

By buddy Phil is always figuring out new ideas. You may remember a few posts back he showed us how to use an ice float for fly storage.

Well recently he has been fascinated with learning how to euro-nymph. Hey why not? It is a deadly way to fish. We all know that. But Phil wasn’t about to drop 900 buckeroos on a new super duper euro-nymph rod.  So he did a little hunting around instead and came up with this clever work-around.

He bought a 10 foot, 2 piece, bamboo pole at Walmart. Sold under the brand name “B’n’M Pole Company 10′ Jointed Bamboo Fishing Rod” it cost a whopping 3 dollars and 35 cents. Reasonable to say the least. Then he took it home and wound on some guides. Attached a fly reel, fly line, a long leader, a heavy nymph, and set off to the stream. He tells me it works!


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