Foam Ice Floats for Holding Flies?

Foam Ice Floats for Holding Flies?

Foam Ice Float for Holding Flies?

My friend Phil showed me a novel idea. Using a foam ice float to hold flies. Not sure where he can across this trick, but he tells me it is popular on the internet. News to me.

These dowel shaped foam floats are intended  for ice fisherman. Why? They don’t ice up as fast as conventional bobbers. Plus they are cheap and widely available in a variety of lengths. I think the ones in the photo are 4″ Rod-N-Bobbs MR4YC Mr Ice Bobber. But there are plenty of others brands to chose from. look around.

As you would expect, at one end of the float there is a clip to attach your line. This clip, however, also permits a fly angler to attach the foam float to his or her vest,  or to a lanyard for that matter. Should work in a boat or a kayak too. Hey the sky is the limit.  Have fun with it. You might even want to clip it to your rearview mirror. Who knows? Or go ice fishing.

Like novel ideas? I came up with this stripping basket awhile back. Check it out.

Collapsible Dish Rack – Stripping Basket

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