Dave gets a Red on his Helios 7wt

Dave gets a Red on his Helios 7wt

Just heard from my buddy Dave down Punta Gorda way. Man, he is a fishing machine! Great angler. He sent me this picture of redfish he got on his new Orvis Helios 3 fly rod. As you can see from the skies, the rainy season is underway down in Punta Gorda. And the color of the water is another solid clue.

Dave gets a Red on his Helios 7wt

His new rod is a Helios 3F, 9′, 4 piece, 7wt, courtesy of his stimulus check. Orvis makesĀ  Helios 3 rods in both F and D models. The 3F being called a “finesse” action and the D a distance tool. Now Dave is a sight-fishing fanatic; hunting “tailing” reds is in his blood. So naturally he went with the “F'”. It was the smart choice.

Orvis calls their Helios 3 rods super light, but I can’t find an actual published weight. Ummm, seems odd. It may be a marketing strategy as rods weights have been a battleground between manufacturers before. Orvis and Sage locked horns years back. Still Dave tells me the rod is in fact light in hand, a great caster, accurate, and a “blast” on “tailers”. Adding that it reminds him of the old Scott STS. He and I both liked those rods. Dave went on to say that he knows some tarpon anglers that love the 10wt Helios 3. Well given that Dave is gifted angler with oodles of experience, those Helios 3s must quite good.

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