Rain, Rain go Away!

Rain, Rain go Away!

Hey at one time or another we have all fished in the rain. Right? Sometimes a passing shower, sometimes a downpour.  Sometimes we got caught by accident and sometimes we purposely fished in it. It happens. But the amount of rain we have been getting this summer in southern New England is flat out killing the fishing. It’s no longer a joke.  Its bad news. Flat out dangerous.

Thunderstorm Approaching at Dusk

In my home state of Connecticut, Memorial Day was wet and June was soggy. Then along can July – a real soaker. In fact, July proved to be the third wettest ever, only 1.5″ off the all-time record. Rivers swollen, low lands flooded, not good. Our total for that month was over 10″, 7″ more than average. And we weren’t alone. Our neighboring states had serious problems too. In Chicopee Massachusetts they got 12.48 inches of rain in July. Their average for the month is about 4 inches! Boston was a mess. The 15 and the 20th were the only days it didn’t rain in Beantown. By the 21st, the city had over 9″ of rain compared to an average of around 2″ Records were being broken. (By the way, worldwide, July was the hottest July ever!)

Storm Clearing with Nightfall

Damn, August was wet too. As it drew to a close, we got hit by tropical storm Henri delivering up to 6″ of additional rain. Yeah, the totals for the summer season were adding up fast. So when August came to a close, officially marking the end of season, we learned the bad news. Summer had brought 21.6″ of rain to Connecticut! Making it the third wettest summer ever in Connecticut. Yikes. Then as September opened more trouble arrived. Late last night the tail end of hurricane Ida hit us. Waking me up, with lightning, wind and torrential rains, it slammed us upwards of 8″ of water! Crazy.

And folks the hurricane season is far from over! Is my upcoming Martha’s Vineyard in jeopardy? We’ll see.


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  1. Ted Rzepski says:

    I’m in awe that ocean water off of West Africa can generate a storm with the power to plow through our Gulf states and drown the East Coast. Too bad we can’t divert this to the states with out of control forest fires.

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