Heading to Martha’s Vineyard

Heading to Martha’s Vineyard

Well, I’m headed to Martha’s Vineyard for five days. Hoping to run into some Atlantic bonito. The gear is all piled up and ready to go into the truck. Quite a pile. And actually, that’s not all of it! There is also a cooler of food and a duffle of cloths. Yeah, I try to be prepared. I don’t get to Martha’s Vineyard enough, so I want to make every visit count.

Got five full boxes of flies, ranging from big 5/0 adult menhaden patterns down to tiny size 4# sand eels. Three rods a 7wt, a 9wt, and my old trusty 1owt. Fly lines, of course. As well as a stack of old lines for emergencies. Reels and spare spools too. Waders, pliers, stripping basket, Boga grip, loads of tippet material, super glue, bite tippet, tape, tools including small screw drivers for repairing eyeglasses, sunscreen, bug dope, hats, wader repair kit, wading belt, fly line dressing, flashlights and batteries. Did I miss anything?

Along with all of that is my camera gear. It rides in a Pelican case. I still rely heavily on my Nikon D700. Yes it is way long in the tooth, but the D700 has become something of a legend among hardcore Nikon users. It has a full frame sensor that cranks out beautiful color. And it is weatherproof ready to be on the beach, and heavily built, a beast that can take the abuse I dish out. Love it, a real workhorse. My backup camera is an Olympus Tough TG-6. Waterproof and shockproof. Great little pocket camera.

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