Art Drinkwater is an Amazing Angler

Art Drinkwater is an Amazing Angler

I’ve never had the privilege of meeting Art, but he is a friend of my friend Pete. So, I’ve been hearing stories about Art for years.  Art is 96 years old, lives in Florida, fly fishes in both fresh and saltwater, makes his own fly rods, and ties his own flies. Get you some of that!

Amazing Art Drinkwater with a big landlock salmon

Among many other spots, Art is a regular at Grand Lake Streams in Maine, where he fishes the fall run of landlock salmon.  Yes, that is quite a haul from his home in Florida, but there is no stopping Art. It’s a great fishery. While at Grand Lake Streams this fall, Art was with his son-in-law Ron Smith, and widely known outdoor writer Bob Leeman.

In the picture Art is holding a 25″ male landlock salmon, weighing approximately 5 pounds. He caught it on a custom fly tied by his son-in-law. Now the average fall fish here is 16-18″ with a few going 20″ or a crack more. So, this is a rare and wonderful catch, he was immediately released.  Great going Art!

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