Phil & Catherine Get a Boat

For over a year, Phil has been jonesing for a boat. And his girlfriend Catherine was onboard with the idea too. So Phil has been searching far and wide for the right one. Looking in the paper, looking on the internet, looking on Craigslist, looking on Facebook, looking, looking, looking. High and low.

The Proud Owners

Well last week the stars aligned – bingo. All that planning finally came together. Phil found a 15′ Stonington Skiff in super shape. Recently remodeled, and recently rewired, it was priced right and has a decent trailer and a dependable motor. Done deal. You gotta love it.

Yeah, there are still things to do before they can launch. Registration, ship to shore VHF marine radio, life jackets, rod racks, extra rope, cushions, and beyond. But that’s no big deal.  Next thing you know Phil and Catherine will be on the water smiling big time. Let the fun begin!

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