More Clouser Deep Minnows

More Clouser Deep Minnows

Back three years ago, in a post entitled “Fly Tying during a Plague”, I show a bunch of streamers I had done for the salt season. Well as luck would have it, I still have most of  them. Unlike fishing in sweetwater, in the brine we lose few flies, as long as you use decent mono, and tie decent knots. Granted bluefish steal some and fishing around obstacles such as bridge pilings contribute too, but overall we do okay.

Fly Tying during a Plague

A look in my fly box, however, did reveal the I could use more Clouser Deep Minnows. And a post or two back, I started to take care of that. Well I’m still working on those puppies. Mostly of these are size 1#, and a few are size 4#

More Clouser Deep Minnows




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